They also shoot in Prague

Without you realizing it, Prague is firing, even from modern firearms. And not only the police are shooting in the necessary action against the unfair elements, but also civilians, even those who do not have the appropriate authority to do so.

If I have just scared you, do not be afraid and do not run to hide in a cellar or other object where you feel safe from something similar. Fortunately, because Prague (at least so far) avoids terrorism and there are not so many shooting criminals that decent people have to hide and leave the house only in the most urgent cases and with the utmost caution.

ozbrojené dítě

The fact that they are firing from a wide variety of weapons is a fact, but it is something that does not endanger the population. Because it happens on the shooting range, which is set up here for similar purposes. That is, so that even people without a firearms license and their own weapons can shoot themselves, even from weapons that our laws might never allow them to own if they did not decide to become professional soldiers.

Anyone can enjoy shooting at this shooting range. Calmly even a tourist, calmly also a countryman, in short, anyone who is able to speak Czech or English. There is an adrenaline-fueled experience for everyone that people could otherwise indulge in, mostly only in virtual form in some of those online games.

zkřížené zbraně

If someone wants to shoot with a really good weapon, they can simply choose from one of the offered packages, make an appointment and that\’s it. They will also take care of transport here and back, provide professional instructors, protective clothing and targets, all at the best prices.

So everyone can enjoy it here, given that it is a covered shooting range, all year round and in any weather. Everyone can play a soldier here, for example, without having to be recruited and sacrifice part of their lives for the service of their homeland.